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Legacey god of under ground horror core

2008-02-05 10:21:45 by legaceymusic

Hello To All new grounds members!!!!!

My name is Legacey and i am from Indianapolis, Indiana and i come to bring to u something the world has never seen before. right next to the bearded lady he raps he sings he screams , writes, arranges, produce, instrumentality and Vocally, One of the Most Humble Men u would ever meet has arrived front and center ready to listen ready to hear, ready to accept, learn and evolve with u here online. i do music so passionately like an artist in the sun room painting a picture while twisting up aaaaaaaahhhh the sound that sound makes i love it so. i have also learned how to make it Bend To My Call creating some of the most well mixed shocking music and fx the world has yet to see.

'/please visit me any time with comment and questions
lables get your checks ready, or no deal
and i got the footage to prove it

Thank u so Much For You Time

"Legacey warriors aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuoooowwwwww"


Legacey god of under ground horror core


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2008-02-08 08:17:59

Hmm... not a lot of horror-core dudes on here. I hope to hear more from ya.


2008-02-17 13:10:26

ur myspace don't accept bands.


2008-02-27 03:30:28

I see you met the leeches of NG.lmfao pathethic losers looking for help hahaha.

Do your thing Legacy.


2008-03-23 06:26:37

response to the above comment:

i see u hav met the King of NG pop, the OG of the keyboard gangbangaz a.k.a. e-thugs, the mentally-ill prescription-medicine-popper, wuteva u wana call him, i see u met Lejin.

and the dude will prolly tell u a made up story bout me, along wit fake evidence to support it. but i guess thats his style.


keep it real Leggz!~


2009-02-28 17:06:34

Swear keep making music
lol i forgot all about this
subgenre in the History of hiphop
actually wasnt hiphop born out of rock?
lol but chyeah got that tech nyne thing goin on
ha you've just got a musical convert guy



2010-01-06 06:05:43

yo wat it do.. new myspace

ohh and yoo!! check dis shit out.. i have a feelin u gonna like dis n/301744